Franchise Development

Do you have an existing business and ever wondered if it would make a good franchise? Now Franchise Planners can help you determine if franchising your business makes sense.

While franchising is a dynamic way for expansion, not all great businesses make good franchise opportunities, so it all starts with an Assessment Study. An in-depth consultation and study of your business will be conducted to determine if it is “franchise-able.”

If the findings indicate the business is not yet ready to be franchised you’ll be provided a comprehensive report outlining the reasons why and be offered suggestions to help you get to your goal. If the Assessment Study determines the business has strong potential to become a thriving franchise, you’ll be invited to move to the next step.

Services include a step-by-step system to take your existing business through the franchising process including everything you will need: the creation of franchise disclosure documents, development of operations manual, state of the art legal advice, support for state registrations, and critical sales & marketing services.

It’s important to note, that before a business can be franchised, it generally needs 3 years of profitable operating history and a business model that can be duplicated in other regional markets.

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