E-2 Visa Franchises

We are the EXPERTS in E-2 Visa success!

We have the experience and industry connections to match E-2 Visa applicants with an E-2 Visa “friendly” franchise to assist in obtaining your E-2 Visa.

The United States of America E-2 Visa program allows residents of 80 treaty countries to reside in the USA through business ownership. A well-known franchise is more likely to be favorably reviewed by E-2 officials compared to an unproven start-up business.

Also, Franchise Planners has strategic alliances with expert immigration attorneys who can guide you through the E-2 Visa process ensuring the highest possible potential for success.

It’s important to know that Franchise Planners requires any E-2 Visa candidate to follow these basic guidelines: $100k minimum capital investment, letter of intent from an approved E-2 Visa attorney, verification of deposit for investment funds, and the country of origin must be on the approved E-2 Visa list.

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